Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haircut Story Number 7,859.

My main object in writing this is to change the look of my Blog page for when I log on each day to see what you are all up to.  Even if it's only me that sees it, it was getting a little boring.  So this post is really about having a change of scenery :)

I thought I would tell you that I just gave myself a haircut.  (Cutting edge news, this.)

Of course I always give myself a bit of a clip 'n chop around the front of my head, (where I can easily reach), in between visits to my chosen (no complete disasters yet) hairdresser - who does actually get a little snippy (soo glad I could use that word there), on occasion about my DIY attitude.  But when your hair grows this quickly and a hairdresser visit costs $40..  she's learned to live with it.

(I asked a friend where she gets her hair cut.  She always looks lovely, and I thought that surely I could find somewhere cheaper.  She pays $120!  Sigh.)

Anyway, this time I thought that I would try doing over my whole head.  My method for cutting the back and other parts I couldn't see was just to kind of grope around and cut anything that seemed a little long or thick. I amused myself occasionally by wondering if Neil would notice.  (If you know Neil then you are probably smiling at the very idea too  :)  Occasionally I would start day-dreaming, and suddenly notice that the bathroom sink was getting very full of hair.  It's almost addictive once you start..

It's not a complete disaster.  Perhaps a little 'Meg Ryan'-short-and-uneven in (most) places.  (I wish!)  I've had worse. And - I saved $40 :)


  1. I would charge only like, $85. That's a LOT cheaper than $120, unless you factor in the fact that I have no skills whatsoever in this area, but you never know if I have any hidden potential?! Well hidden... I'm a little impressed that you cut your hair, because I've been loving it lately - I think I mentioned that?! Nice work! You always remind me of Meg Ryan and visa versa - totally cute :) Your hairdresser may get you in trouble if you mention it when you next go in (if you ever do again - now that you can self cut maybe you don't need to??), UNLESS you don't tell her, cause I bet she wouldn't even notice!!! :)

    I like it when you write on your blog ;) xo

  2. Bahahahahaha, I thought this was going to end a lot differently/worse than it did so that's good!
    Kudos on giving yourself a haircut! It seems like a very silly and brave thing to do so I'm glad it ended well enough :P saved yourself $40!!! :) :)

    Love you HEAPS!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Aaaaaahhhhh!!! FINALLY!!! It let me post!!!
    (I had to sign in and out and in and out about 20 times, but for you Mother, it was alllll worth it :D)